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Strategic Staffing

Dynamed offers a range of staffing services with deep knowledge of the health information technology market and human resource acquisition and application strategies.  We have had success in a wide range of staffing arrangements, from staff augmentation to vendor-driven project teams, and every level of blended staffing in-between. 

Our proven approach to staffing solutions, combined with our deep knowledge of Health IT, allows us to bring the right candidate to the right job at the right time.

In working with our clients over the last fifteen years, we have developed a strong process to match our clients needs with our candidates' goals.  We work with client hiring managers to determine their goals and whether employees will be client-managed or Dynamed-managed.  We offer a highly competitive benefit package to assist in hiring and retaining quality employees for our clients.  Our small size allows for a dedicated focus on recruiting for new positions and a rapid turn-around for requisitions.  Our goal is to have candidates for clients to review within 24 hours.



Too many work efforts begin with someone saying "this is what I need" and having a vendor simply react.  We believe it is essential to have a meaningful understanding of our clients' goals and bring our expertise to the table to come to a mutual understanding of what is needed, prior to offering a quick answer.



Once we have mutually agreed on the resources that are needed, we have to determine a strategy to accomplish the client's goals.  This usually entails understanding and leveraging other areas of the company, complying with corporate policies, and staying within project boundaries.  The development of a cohesive strategy allows measurement of progress against goals.



Whether our team is purely staff augmentation and embedded throughout your organization or is a dedicated team on a single project, we strive to bring you measurable results.  While our plan is to always succeed, we will always be the first to stand up and say "we didn't make it" if we didn't.  We believe that transparency allows for better long term results more than short term optics.

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